Work, Collaboration, Team Working.

NAXE is looking for collaborators

At the moment we seek competent persons in the following professional fields:

iOS Developer
You know how to develop applications for the iPhone and iPad.

You know how to start from a graphic design and write html with your hands, even in block, you know how to structure the work in templates.

Graphic Design
You know how to use a graphics program, you know how to create something beautiful and original.

Our team of professionals are used to working together to offer the best solution in terms of efficiency, functionality and creativity for the customer.

We are also interested in these other skills:

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

If you think that some of the areas proposed here are interesting for you then send us your CV or see the internships section.


You can work with us right from your home. We give you the tools to interact with us as if you were in the company. There isn't the traditional interview to see if you can achieve the results that we expect we only use practical exercises.


Sell products and cutting-edge services.
You can work with us in complete autonomy. If you think you can sell our products and services to the right people, please contact us.