Internships, collaborations, Practical Exercises.

Work with a team of experts.

You can work with us right from your home.

We give you the tools to interact with us as if you were in the company, even better.

  • Exclusive e-mail address;
  • Instant Messaging (with internal server);
  • Audio conferencing (with internal server) throughout the working group;
  • Shared whiteboard for briefings;
  • Groupware with forum/files/polls/etc;
  • Activity log of all phases and project status.

And the greatest collaboration by all the other participants in the project.
Working remotely you can manage your time as you want, the only thing that interests us is the result.
There isn't the traditional interview, to see if you can achieve the results that we expect we use one system: exercises.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. Henry Ford

The practice is all, in any field.

In every exercise we give you all the material necessary to complete it.
     Read what is required (of course if you need more information you just have to ask) and send the result.
     What you have produced is evaluated carefully and if all goes well we find a deal together for your collaboration.
     Our team consists of people really very expert as well as the willing who want to improve their skills.

Become part of a team able to draw advanced systems with the latest technology.

Send us your application.

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