Company Presentation, Technology Partner.

We develop tailored IT solutions.

The key to success is relying on experts.

NAXE applies to the clients who want always to stay on top of digital market, interested in exploiting all the advantages of computing universe, industrial automation and software development.

A High capacity planning and a solid practice background in new technologies allow NAXE to adequately fulfil the client needs, developing informatics systems, which can improve the operating performances of your business and help you achieve your goals.

Having strong competences and know-how, deriving from significant technical experiences, NAXE is a high specialized partner who can provide the clients with target consultancy services. We develop projects based on advanced technologies and plan client/server communication systems and models.

In the near future, success and survival of many companies will depend on their capability of combine multiple technologies such as Computers, TV, mobile systems.

Some technologies we daily develop for our clients:

Universities, Banks, Municipalities, Companies and Associates are some of the clients who have already chosen NAXE.

A long-term experience in several fields of Information Technology.

We support you with a team of professional experts highly qualified: Software Development, Industrial Automation, iOS/Android Apps Development, Web Design, Databases, Cyber Security, Hosting, Computer Graphics, Consultancy, Forensic Computing, Analyses, Planning and Technical Assistance. We use to work together in order to offer our clients the best solution, in terms of efficiency, performances and originality.

The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

We always provide our clients with the most suitable solution, to satisfy their expectations.

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