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Cyber Security.

We analyze the vulnerability of systems and we make them safe.

The term security means that computer science branch that deals with the analysis of vulnerabilities and the next logical-functional integrity protection of a computer system and data contained in or exchanged a communication with a user, through measures aimed at ensuring the protection from malicious software system access only to authorized users, the darkening of the data exchanged in a communication and enjoyment of all and only the services provided for that, within the time and in the manner prescribed.

Interest in the Information Systems Security has grown in recent years in proportion to their spread and their role in the community busy.

The computer system must be able to prevent the direct or indirect alteration of the information, either by non-authorized users, either by accidental events; also must prevent unauthorized data access.

Security in Companies

Since that information is an asset that adds value to the enterprise, and now most of the information is stored on computer media, each organization must be able to ensure the data security, in a context where IT risks caused by breaches of safety systems are still rising.

Protection from the cyber attacks is achieved by acting on multiple levels, from the physical (ask the servers in secure locations and monitored) to the authentication of users and their actions, both for access to for editing data. For example, paid by firms are no precise obligations with regard to privacy, including the right to annually prepare a specific policy document security.

Design a software "safe" means preventing events that may produce damages of any severity to the system; Unsafe programs involve any system access to third parties, ie potential threats from malware, up to the computer fraud.

I get hired by companies to hack into their systems
and break into their physical facilities to find security holes.
Our success rate is 100%; we've always found a hole. Kevin Mitnick

Computer Fraud

There are different types of computer fraud. In general, it is intercept sensitive data and use them later for malicious purposes.

Electronic fraud have grown so that more sensitive especially with the development of eCommerce, and with the refinement of the social engineering, that is the study of individual behavior of a person in order to snatch information. In the sights of the cyber criminals for there is access to personal or confidential information by theft purposes, both in terms of money, that identity; among the mechanisms used, the Spam and phishing.

The problem of the Security programs and above all sending and receiving secure confidential data, it was brought to the attention of software developers as a result of significant growth in the use of IT tools and the Internet. As for the production of software "protected" can we start by defining the concept of Security as the absence of conflicting conditions, which could cause fatal or irreparable damage to a system. In the software design it is therefore essential to achieve the most functional compromise between the efficiency of use of the program in question and his "survival" ability to external attacks and to more or less critical errors.

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