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Services for Information Technology

Our services range from software to hardware to always provide a complete solution to the customer.

The expertise within the company, relationships with other companies in the sector and collaboration with broad and proven experience in multiple areas of the ICT resources allow the company to offer itself as a partner that can provide many professional services.

We interpret the realization of the offered solution, not as a simple working tool but as the gusset of a complete platform to act and interact at all levels.

Many companies that have already benefited from our counseling, we can not list all the problems that we solved but we can assure you that if you want to consult you'll be too pleased.

Some areas where we are particularly experts:

We follow all the software life cycle: from the development, integration to maintenance.

In the web field, as well as developers we are also Registrar, then we run the project at every stage, from Hosting server side and client side development. We have a data center that we manage in complete autonomy with links in optical fiber.

We are certified developers for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, we are certified developers for the stores Samsung Galaxy Apps and Amazon AppStore, manufacture or porting applications from scratch for both iPhone, iPad for Smartphone and Android Tablet and also for the brand new devices running Windows Phone and Tizen, our applications are completely crossplatform with the possibility of integration with all our automation solutions.

We provide consultancy in the field of computer security, for both the defense (Hardening) computer systems, and in attack (Intrusion test) to verify the reliability of computer systems, with university graduates at the only faculty in Italy specializing in Security of Information Systems and Computer Networking.

There are no big problems, there are just a lot of little problems. Henry Ford

Our engineers are able to dialogue hardware and software, we work together on the firmware and on any remote sensor systems, in order to get Integrated Technologies.

We offer also counseling in forensic field, NAXE is the ideal IT partner for the legal world specialists in search of high professionalism and high competence in the field of Forensic and Investigation Computer Security.

Software Development

We develop IT solution best suited to solve the problems of the company. The Engineers team follows the entire software life cycle: feasibility study, requirements, design, coding, integration and testing.

Cyber Security

The computer system must be able to prevent the direct or indirect alteration of the information, also the protection against attacks is achieved by acting on multiple levels, from the physical to the authentication of users and their actions.

App Development

We use the latest technology to build applications that can be used by most of the mobile devices, whether iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note, Nexus, Lumia, Surface etc.


To host your site, your deck or your application, we have servers connected to the Internet at high speed, it is very reliable systems that are dedicated exclusively to our customers.