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Cloud X

The solution in Cloud Computing tailored for you.

Choosing a Cloud solution is similar to the decision to outsource certain tasks or processes.

The Cloud also allows more applications to replace old or older ICT infrastructure with new, or to acquire completely new.

You can locate a proper mix of services and resources, while minimizing the economic impact
Operating and maintenance of technological and application components. And especially
use, even under test, new applications and tools to support ICT
business allowing the company / organization to be much more agile and innovative.

Cloud X provides:

  • availability near "real time" and of infrastructure and software;
  • the update facilities of the systems;
  • scalability of ICT resources in a dynamic manner and, as necessary;
  • the improvement of service levels, in particular the availability, security and reliability of the systems.

The benefits that cloud technology provides users, can be grouped into the following categories:

  • greater flexibility and mobility, allowing access to its data and from any mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), either by a fixed (such as a PC or a server);
  • increased storage capacity of data and reduction of costs compared to traditional solutions distributed.

Data security is essential for individuals and businesses. Security policies,
besides ensuring the organization's compliance with laws and regulations, they are
developed to protect customer information. When using the Cloud for
store and process their data remotely, subject them to organizations
the sensitive information to the Service Provider's security practices that has the task of
make sure it is put in place adequate protection.

The product conforms to the Cloud X Characterization of Cloud systems for public administration

In summary Cloud X is a platform for the exchange of large files on dedicated lines.
The system enables our customers to share their files remotely and create types of permits targeted for their partners with generation of display keys, and download files.

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